Funeral and Memorial Packages

Celebration of Life

Many times when a loved one passes we are left
with a sense of emptiness and uncertainty of what to do.
We find ourselves torn between surrendering our
loved one’s life and God’s promise of a much better life after death.
A grave side dove release presents a quiet moment of reflection
and comfort. It gives closure and a sense of
enlightenment that the Spirit has lifted and become free.

Dove releases for Funeral & Memorial services
typically take place at the closing of the grave side service.
However, a dove release can be performed
outdoors after the service at the funeral home, church,
chapel, or any other place the memorial is held.
We have a large collection of Poems, Readings, and Psalms
that may be read prior to the release by a Family Member,
the Officiate or the Release Coordinator.

The Dove Display: Two White Doves

Two white doves are displayed in a beautifully
hand-crafted display cage to be placed next
to the guest book or area of your choice.
$150 or $75 with another package

The Holy Trinity: Four Doves

One dove represents the Spirit, followed moments
later by three doves representing the Holy Trinity;
the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
All join and ascend to Heaven.

The Loving Memory Package: Seven Doves

One dove released to represent the spirit of your loved one,
Followed by six more doves that represent the pall bearers,
friends and/or family that delivered the departed
back to God's waiting arms.

Veterans' Salute: Six Doves

We are proud and honored to offer a 3-Volley Salute for our Military Veterans.
Three “rounds” of two doves each released at 5 second intervals $300

The 3-volley salute is a ceremonial act performed at military funerals as part of the Honor Guard.
It consists of a rifle party firing into the air three times. The custom originates from the European dynastic
wars, where the fighting ceased so the dead and wounded could be removed. Then, three shots were fired
into the air to signal that the battle could resume.

Honor Guard

As a gesture of gratitude for their service to their country and fellow man, Wings of Love
will provide a Dove Release at no charge for the families of police officers, firefighters
or active military personnel who have died in the line of duty.

We can customize any package to help you create your own special release.

To enhance your dove release, Wings of Love has compiled several dove release
Poems, Readings, and Psalms that may be read prior to the release by a family member,
the officiate or the release coordinator.

Payment for Funeral Service
Due to the suddenness of losing a loved one,
a deposit is not required. However, payment must be
received prior to the dove release.

We suggest payment be made upon arrival and
before the start of the services unless other arrangements are made.