Frequently Asked Questions

What time of day is best for a dove release?

Anytime from sun up to two hours before dusk. The birds
need ample time to safely return to their loft.

At what point in the celebration are the Dove's released?

That is entirely up to you. We have several suggestions
depending upon the time you choose.

What happens to the doves when they are released?

The doves usually circle the release area several times to acquire their
navigational bearings then make the flight back to the loft where
they were raised. When they return home
there is fresh food and water awaiting them.

Do all doves know how to return home?

No, the white doves bought at pet stores have no
homing ability and are poor flyers. When this type of dove
is released in the wild they will perish.

What's the difference between store bought doves and the white doves used at our release?

Store bought doves are domesticated (white) ring neck doves.
The white doves used for your release are descended from the Rock Dove.
These Snow white homing pigeons are selected from Champion strains of racing pigeons.
They have excellent homing ability and are trained to return home from up to a fifty mile radius from our loft.

Can the doves be released in the winter?

Yes, our trained doves can fly in all four seasons, weather permitting.

Can we release the birds by hand?

Yes. If you decide to do a hand release instead of a basket release we will teach you the
proper way to hold a dove. It only takes minutes and helps to ensure you do not
injure the dove and it cut's down on premature releases. You are more than welcome to
practice prior to your event at our loft in Milford, CT.

Can the birds fly in any weather conditions?

No, foul weather is dangerous to our birds.
High winds, moderate to heavy rain, fog, and
snow interfere with their homing ability. We
will not jeopardize the safety of our birds.

How long will the release coordinator be at our event?

Each release is different. We usually exit your event half an hour
after your scheduled release. However, major events and
timing sometimes do not work out. Some days we do several releases in a day and
punctual timing is important to us.

Can I have a dove release anywhere?

In most cases yes, however there are few isolated places we can not release from. Also,
we only release within 50 miles of our loft in Milford, CT.

Can I see the doves before my special event?

Absolutely. We welcome all clients and visitors to
stop by to look at and handle the birds before the event.
You can stop by any day of the week. Please call to
schedule your visit to make sure someone will be there
to greet you.

How can I schedule a white dove release?

You can schedule a release by emailing, calling or writing. Please visit our Contact Us
page for more info.

How much does a dove release cost?

You should expect to pay between $175 to $500 depending
on what package you choose from a reputable release service.
There are many expenses involved in the white dove release business:
Construction of the lofts, purchase of the birds, advertising,
display items, release baskets and display cages, training, feed, vitamins,
vaccines, and other supplies. You want to hire a professional release
service for quality assurance not someone who is doing this as a hobby.